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Message from the CEO

Dear valued Customers, Shareholders, and Esteemed workforce

The year has been the one that has encountered incredible challenges, it was very stiff in particular for our company as new entrant to the market. The struggle at all aspect is still continues with hope of success and better achievement. However, with great delight the operation year was concluded with remarkable growth and profit.

The management believes that our core foundation of customer service and leading by uniqueness is the primary way out in this abnormally competitive and strenuous environment.

Year after year, Zemen Insurance SC, has delivered better performance and milestones to set exemplary standards in the industry. Within a short journey, we have enhanced our position in the market as the hopeful insurer in the Country. We have also made our utmost efforts for the growth of the industry as a whole. This has been our business philosophy since inception and we are proud to have sustained it immaculately.

We endeavor on customer to be a reliable and trustworthy insurance provider understanding that “a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”. In light of this, we at ZEMEN strive to make sure our employees go that extra mile for customer service and satisfaction. Making customers the focus of our planning and execution, we design our strategy in line with our primary goal, providing the most rewarding financial solutions. This relentless pursuit of achieving a satisfied customer base has been the gateway to our success.

Our branch network and the e-commerce based Customer Relationship Management software are the ways and clear momentous of our relentless effort to the customer and all stakeholders.

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