Zemen Insurance Share Company

Zemen Insurance Share Company (ZISC) is a Private Insurance Company which was established by 898 founding shareholders. ZISC is registered at Ministry of Trade and Industry on January 24, 2020. The Company got license to operate nonlife or general insurance business by National Bank of Ethiopia on January 17/2020 with an initial subscribed and paid up capital Ethiopian Birr/ETB/ of Birr 112.2 million and 79.89 million respectively at time of registration.

  • December-Management Meeting

  • General Assembly

General Insurance also called non-life insurance: This category includes property and liability.

Life Assurance is the assurance of persons which may be classified as an endowment, term, and whole life insurance.

Travel Insurance: Zemen Insurance S.C launched a travel insurance program for international travelers in collaboration .

Our Vision

To be the Lookout of Choice for Insurance customers

Our Mission

To provide efficient and effective general insurance services to its customers using state of art, technology, professional, competent and ethical human capital and doing business in a socially responsible manner.

Our Core Value

  • Respect
  • Honesty, Integrity, and professionalism
  • Proactive and innovative
  • Learning organization
  • We value your time.
  • Enthusiasm and teamwork
  • Transparency and accountability

Message from the CEO

Dear Shareholders,

It is my pleasure to welcome and congratulate shareholders for being the first insurance Company to generate the first ever high profit in the insurance industry’s during the preoperational period.

Initially I joined Zemen as Project Manager and member of the Organizing Committee of Zemen Insurance S.C and currently working as founding CEO of Zemen Insurance S.C, it is a special privilege to me to address the message on behalf of members the Company’s management team and staff to those reading this message.

Zemen Insurance S.C formation was initiated by shareholders of Zemen Bank in 2017. Five of these Zemen Bank shareholders took the initiative to promote, organize and reach this stage which was in fact possible mainly because of the support of Zemen Bank shareholders and Zemen Bank Staff.

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Zemen Insurance reports seventeen-fold increase in profits.…

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